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Chaminade Resort & Spa has made the commitment to support sustainable practices throughout the resort and Santa Cruz Community. Below are the Green Initiatives we’ve put into place as we strive to maintain an environmentally friendly facility.
When you stay at Chaminade Resort & Spa, you can be sure that our accommodations and guest services are carefully designed to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.
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  • Solar Field Installation - Chaminade Resort & Spa's newest energy project includes a three quarters of an acre solar field with 1,092 panels spanning the sunny field. The solar panel display is expected to offset nearly one third of the property's annual energy consumption.
  • Electric Car Charging Stations - are available for guest use throughout their stay. There are 6 Tesla specific and 4 universal charging stations located in our valet parking lot. Tesla’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability makes it a natural fit with our ongoing initiatives to reduce environmental impact.
  • Lighting - Compact florescent lighting is used throughout the property to decrease energy usage.
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  • Community Commitment Program - Hometown Hospitality: Caring for Our Communities is a responsible corporate citizenship program that engages the property as a vital contributor in its home community. Chaminade Resort & Spa’s staff coordinates seasonal events to reach out to the community, including fundraisers, toy drives, beach clean-ups, holiday and other events.
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  • Electric Vehicles - are used by staff onsite.
  • Shuttle Bus - service are available around property as a convenience to our guests, a method for the movement of vehicles on property.
Chaminade Resort & Spa resides on 300 wooded property.  This contributes to ideal air quality on-site. Everything needed for a successful meeting experience, including restaurants, is located on-site to minimize the need for transportation.

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  • Plating - We use reusable tableware and cloth napkins to minimize waste. Disposable products are used only for to-go containers, which are made of corn and potato starches.   We never use Styrofoam in our services.
  • Organic/Local Menu Options - Our menus are based on locally sourced seasonal ingredients, going so far as to work with farmers who have access to vegetables and herbs not grown commercially. Menus can additionally be organic, upon request.
  • Bulk - Bulk condiments are available and placed on individual tables or the buffet line to eliminate the waste associated with individually-portioned items.
  • Food Waste - Food waste is separated out: compost items, recyclable items and garbage. There are waste containers designed for each type of garbage.  Waste is sorted by our team and is done consistently with all recyclable or compost items throughout the property.
  • Left Over Food - Left over food is enjoyed in the Employee Dining Room to supplement the menu.
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  • All recyclables - are separated and recycled and everything compostable is composted.
  • Toner cartridges - are returned to the manufacturer and all e-waste is properly recycled.
  • Guest Room Bath Amenities - Guest rooms have bath amenities mounted in showers, to avoid miniature bottle waste.
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  • Printing Paper - Chaminade uses certified fiber sourcing paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • Paper Towels & Toilet Paper - Chaminade uses the greenest paper products in the hospitality market.
  • Cleaning Products - Cleaning products used on property and in guest rooms are organic and have been awarded the highest government rating designed for the environment (DFE).  Among these products from VASKA are a rosemary-based cleaning compound, a lavender room spray and a non-toxic window and glass cleaner.
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  • Guest Room Cleaning - Guests are offered the option to decline or reduce their housekeeping service, helping save water.
  • Zero Scaping Drip System - Throughout the resort low maintenance and low water landscaping has been implemented.
  • Low flow tanks are installed throughout the property to minimize water usage.
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Pebblebrook Corporate Responsibility Page:

Pebblebrook Sustainability Best Practices
  • 63% of our properties have a sustainability coordinator or green champion
  • 80% of our properties have meeting rooms with digital thermostats
  • 98% of our properties have a preventative maintenance plan that checks building energy and water equipment at least quarterly
  • 61% of our properties have a water efficiency program
  • 94% of our properties have faucets with low-flow aerators to conserve water
  • 48% of our properties have eliminated single-use plastics (or reduced to an absolute minimum) from the property
  • 74% of our properties have eliminated plastic straws
  • 65% of our properties have implemented a food waste prevention strategy
  • Nearly $19 million invested on environmental initiatives

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