Hiking near Santa Cruz, California luxury resort.


Hiking/State Parks Near Chaminade

Hiking at Santa Cruz Couty State Parks

Santa Cruz County boasts 14 state parks covering a range of terrain from wave-swept beaches to rugged mountain ridges. These vast expanses of preserved land are a testament to conservation efforts that have been ongoing for over a century. Get the best of what Santa Cruz has to offer by starting a trail in a thicket of redwoods and ending on the sandy shore.

Though Redwood National Park may not fit into your travel schedule, two of Santa Cruz’s State Parks feature these ancient trees:

  • Encompassing 18,000 acres California’s oldest state park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park is home to the largest continuous stand of ancient growth redwoods south of San Francisco.
  • With 20 miles of hiking trails Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park includes a variety of forested areas including redwoods, mixed evergreens, riparian, ponderosa pine, as well as rare ancient marine deposits called Santa Cruz sandhills.

Follow the following links for information and maps on the other 12 State Parks in Santa Cruz County:

If you are looking to stay on property, Chaminade has three miles of scenic hiking trails stretched over its 300 acre property. Click here to view trail map.