Property Operations

Sustainability is Deeply Integrated Into Every Aspect of Our Daily Operations


  • Electric Vehicles are used by staff onsite.
  • Everything needed for a successful meeting experience, including restaurants, is located onsite to minimize the need for transportation. Shuttle bus services are available as a convenience to our guests as well as a method for reducing the number of vehicles on property.
  • Chaminade Resort & Spa is a steward to the 300 acres of rolling, wooded hills upon where the property sits.


  • Compact florescent lighting is used throughout the property to decrease energy usage.
  • An onsite co-generation unit generates 40% of electrical demand and produces 100% of the property’s heating demand.  Most heating and air conditioning are on energy management system and the hotel uses Energy Star appliances wherever possible.


  • Everything recyclable is separated and recycled, and everything compostable is composted. 
  • Chaminade has been donating left over food to local shelters for over 8 years.
  • Toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturer and all e-waste is properly recycled.
  • All Conference Event Orders and other correspondence are emailed or done by phone to reduce paper consumption, unless customer requests for materials to be faxed.


  • Chaminade Resort & Spa provides optional linen service, serves water only upon request and makes use of drip irrigation controls.
  • Low flow tanks are installed throughout the property to minimize water usage.