Grounds at Santa Cruz Resort


History of Chaminade

Chaminade has a rich history, stretching back to 1904. The Spanish mission-style of the property and names found throughout pull inspiration from these early roots.

History of Chaminade resort property in Santa Cruz.

1904 - 1920 Judge Curtis Lindley

Judge Curtis Lindley was at the top of his profession as a lawyer and in 1904 began purchasing property in Santa Cruz to build a summer home. 'Linwood Lodge', which still stands along Chaminade's nature trails, was one of the first parcels developed.

1921 - 1923 The Blakes & The Society of Mary

When Lindley passed away in 1920, his property was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blake. The Blakes lived on the property until they sold in 1923. The Blakes had invited Brothers Peter, Adam and Joseph of The Society of Mary along with their real estate agents to visit the lodge. Having searched near and far for a suitable piece of land that was secluded yet accessible, they were enchanted with Chaminade and purchased the 300 acre property.

1923 The Society of Mary

Twenty-seven Brothers arrived for their first retreat. At first, the Brothers lived at the lodge only during the summers and focused primarily on farming. In 1928, the idea of Chaminade High School was born. Within two years, the preparations would be made to transform this idea to reality.

1930 - 1940 Chaminade High School

In 1930, Chaminade Boys High School was opened on the site of Chaminade Resort & Spa. Chaminade High School was named after Father William Joseph Chaminade, a French priest and educator who founded the Society of Mary in the 1700s following the French Revolution. The school was located in the current main building, where today's guests will find the resort's meeting rooms and restaurants. Due to hard financial times, Chaminade Boys High School closed in 1940.

1941 - 1949 The Mary Burke Foundation

Mary Burke leased the Chaminade property from the Society of Mary on a year-to-year basis and ran a school for developmentally disabled children. Due to financial hardships, Ms. Burke was unable to continue her program. She declared bankruptcy and left the property in 1949.

1949 - 1968 The Postulate

After Ms. Burke left, the Brothers returned to Chaminade to open a postulate - a high school for boys who share the desire to enter a religious order. In June of 1952, the postulate was transferred to Los Angeles. As a result, the Society of Mary put the property on the market.

1968 - 1979 The property is for sale

In 1979 Chaminade's buildings along with 280 acres of surrounding land were sold to three partners: the Hildreths, Taylors and Swansons. Taking the name from the Chaminade High School, the partners developed the property into Chaminade at Santa Cruz.

1985 Chaminade Resort & Spa opens

In May of 1985, Chaminade Resort & Spa officially opened its doors to the public.

2009 Renovations completed on Chaminade Resort & Spa

In January 2009, Chaminade Resort & Spa completed a $15 million renovation that gave new life to The Spa, fitness center, guest accommodations, and the main lobby. Guests now enjoy color palettes inspired by the California coast, contemporary Spanish furnishings and upgraded, superior amenities.